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China banned Kraftwerk Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China has denied participating in the German group Kraftwerk visa required for legal mp3 action in that country. The reason was stated in the electronics part concert for Tibet, which was held in Washington in 1998. The group has not played at the event because of the weather. It is reported by Agence France-Presse.

In China, Kraftwerk had come at the invitation of the local label Modern Sky, the organizer of the annual festival Strawberry, legal mp3 which in 2013 will be held in Beijing Haidian Park from April 29 to May 1. The event will be headlined by British band Travis.

According to the State organ of the Republic Global Times, Kraftwerk performance will not take place for some common "political reasons." The Chinese government has repeatedly forbade concerts by artists in support of legal mp3 music Tibet. In 2009, two Chinese canceled the band Oasis because of their participation in the Gala Free Tibet 1997. Bjork tour in China also became impossible after 2008 she shouted "Tibet! Tibet "at his concert in Shanghai.

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Carla Bruni sang about Hollande, Sarkozy and Jagger On his new album «Little French Songs» («French Song"), published April 1, 2013, French singer Carla Bruni download mp3 sang about her husband, the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, made a mockery of the current president Francois Hollande and remember how the leader of The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger in the song «At Keith and Anita's Place». It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


In the song «The Pengiun» singer is expected, compared with the penguin Hollande - the French call this word beautifully dressed man who does not have the appropriate manners (a synonym for "parvenu"). "He takes on royal business, but the penguin is not enough training" - sung in the song. The song download mp3 also beaten the episode when Sarkozy and Bruni left the Elysee Palace. His new inhabitant Hollande skimped traditional walk, instead he chose to pose for pictures at the Elysee garden. It is believed that Bruni was indignant at the behavior of the president. "Hey, a penguin, you're so alone in his garden - she sang. - If we meet, I'll teach you to kiss my hand. "


In the song «At Keith and Anita's Place» («Do Keith and Anita" - refers to Keith Richards, guitarist of The Rolling Stones, and his ex-girlfriend Anita Pallenberg) sings about how Bruni and Mick Jagger came to visit download mp3 friends. There is a line "Someone twists can not - but I myself do not smoke - we have Keith and Anita." Song «Mon Raymond» was a tribute to her husband Bruni, Nicolas Sarkozy (Raymond - the alter ego of ex-president). She called it "electric", "sentimental, but complex": "To the fools may say, Raymond - Dynamite!".


Bruni defends his wife, not only in the download mp3 music. In March 2013, Nicolas Sarkozy was accused that he illegally received money from the owner of the perfume company L'Oreal Liliane Bettencourt on the campaign trail in 2007. In interviews, Carla Bruni gave in honor of the album's release, she called the accusations "mindless."


«Little French Songs» - the fourth disc in the discography of the French model and singer. Bruni's first album «Quelqu'un m'a dit» published in 2002. The second EP was released five years later and was called «No Promises». Last work Bruni «Comme si de rien n'etait» released in 2008. Bruni sings songs like other authors, and his own.